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Phone Consultations

Jeanie Marie offers telephone/email consultations, applying the considerable breadth of Oriental medicine to your pet's health issues. Through these phone consultations, Jeanie Marie can work with dogs and their owners across the country.

Jeanie has studied traditional Chinese medicine extensively for more than 10 years. She holds a masters degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine, and has written a book and numerous articles on Chinese Medicine. She is Red Cross Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR, and has completed additional training in Bach Flower Remedies for pets. She also studied with Cheryl Schwartz, DVM, author of "Four Paws, Five Directions." She brings a wealth of herbal and nutritional expertise to every consultation.

How It Works:

  • You send an email to me at, containing the following information:
    • Name of your dog
    • Breed.
    • Age
    • Veterinarian name and phone number
    • Veterinary diagnosis and reason for this consultation
    • Symptoms
    • All medications your dog is currently taking
    • Brands of food, treats and other food give to your dog
    • Any supplements and/or herbs your dog is taking
  • When I receive your email, I will contact you to arrange a time for your consultation.
  • When an a time has been arranged, pay for your consultation in advance (below).
  • Be at your phone in time for your appointment (be sure to adjust for time zones).

I must have your health history email about your dog prior to answering any questions. All consultations must be paid in advance.

What You Can Expect

During your phone consultation, Jeanie Marie will take time to understand your dog and any health concerns, then provide recommendations and instructions drawn from Oriental medicine to help your pet. You can expect:

  • A complete health history, to learn more about your dog, her or his health issues, and other factors that may contribute to these issues.
  • A discussion about your dog's diet and nutrition, and suggestions of several food brand options, recipes and other information on nutrition as applicable to your dog's health.
  • A discussion about supplements, Bach Flower Remedies and other products that will help your dog.
  • Recommendations of herbal formulas that may help your dog.

Please note that we do not sell any products. If a Chinese herbal formula is recommended, Jeanie Marie uses Crane Herbs, an online Chinese pharmacy. She will leave your prescription with them, and you complete the transaction via email.

Consultation Package:

Complete Herbal & Nutritional Consultation (up to 45 min.)

  • Complete medical history
  • Discuss current health issues
  • Nutrition and dietary recommendations
  • Canine supplement recommendations
  • Herbal consultation and recommendations
  • Activity and dietary recommendations
  • Two email follow-ups included


Additional minutes billed in 15 min. increments at $25/15min.

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