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"Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

Brock: Regal in the snow

Jessie: Best brown dog EVAH!

Mino: With an adoring Nurse Juanita

Maddy: Loves to chase his favorite ball!

Lucy: Divine K9

Dewey: When Irish Dogs Are Smiling!

Cletus and Henry: Rockport Ambassadors

Vote for Nikki!

Clyde goes swimming.

Spa day for Bruschi.

Sunny, all lit up..

Zoe feels so good she chases foxes!

Nubi the puppy-cat gets acupuncture.

Sadie & Koty chilling out.

Dudley feels like a puppy in the snow.

Boris gets laser acupuncture.

Leader of the pack Sierra.

Belle gets acupuncture.

Gladys gets the point.

Magser romps in the snow.

McKenzie, notorious cupcake thief.

Abby the celebrity with BFF Jack.

Mila on the prowl for treats.

Belle and Jack, good cop, bad cop.

Ella and Sally: "We're innocent!"

Jetty-girl guards her favorite ball.

Scouty celebrates the 4th.

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